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Presenters Instructions

Each meeting room will be equipped with a workstation running the Ubuntu v. 6.06 Operating System.

Each machine will be loaded with the following tools:

Your presentation can be downloaded onto the presentation machine either from CD-ROM (ISO9660) or over a USB port (e.g. USB pen/key drive) from a device formatted to be compatible with a vfat file system.

All the above software is free software. ((*)Exception: Acrobat Reader is just freely downloadable, but it is not free software).

You should test your presentation in advance by downloading from the Internet the same presentation software or the entire O.S.

Ubuntu is also available as a live CD. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ for complete details.

This configuration supports the open standards for presentations: odp, sxi, and pdf.

Openoffice can read ppt files but the compatibility is not 100% complete; ppt is a proprietary closed format. The incompatibility is mainly with animations and/or with the use of Microsoft proprietary fonts (which are not included in the Ubuntu distribution). We suggest you convert any ppt files into open documents (odp) in advance. Here is the list of fonts.

Openoffice is not directly compatible with keynote files. Compatibility can be achieved by exporting your keynote files as ppt files, which Openoffice can then open.

You can also use your own laptop for your presentation. If you select this option please set up your monitor output for a resolution of 1024x768 at the 60hz vertical refresh frequency.